The Gumference is an international conference that is organized in a virtual manner to make it as accessible as possible to interested parties from academia and industry over the world.

Papers presented at the Gumference will be published in a permanent Topical Collection of the scientific journal Polymer Bulletin (Publisher: Springer) dedicated to novel and advanced testing methods that make connections to fundamental scientific principles, even showing how test results from simple pieces of uncured/cured elastomers or other soft polymers relate to real geometry and loading conditions, creating new opportunities to link laboratory test data to real product properties.

Organizing Team: Radek Stoček and Eric Euchler

Important dates

Next event is GUMFERENCE 2023

Registration closes08.02.2023
Access to the conference will be active on09.02.2023
Conference date09.02.2023
Talk confirmation20.12.2022
Final Program31.01.2023
Full paper submission15.03.2023

Scientific committee

  • Assoc. Prof. Dr.-Ing. Radek Stoček
  • Dr.-Ing. Eric Euchler
  • Ing. Ondřej Kratina, PhD
  • Ing. Martin Stěnička, PhD

Registration fee

Register for the Gumference via the online registration page.

The amount of the registration fee is as follows:

Speaker0 EUR
Audience0 EUR
Students0 EUR

Preliminary Scientific Program

8:15-8:25Radek Stoček (TBU, Zlin, CZ), Eric Euchler (IPF, Dresden, GER)WELCOME
8:30-9:00Gert Heinrich (TUD, Dresden, GER)Understanding rubber wear using advanced in-situ X-ray scattering
9:05-9:35Jun Sawada (SRI, Kobe, JP)Physical properties of epoxidized natural rubber with ionic cross-linking networks
9:40-10:10Wu Jian (HIT, Harbin, CN)Wear behavior of solid rubber tire under high-speed rolling conditions
10:10-10:20COFFEE BREAK
10:20-10:50Prasenjit Ghosh (HASETRI, Karnataka, IN)Impact of ageing time on fatigue crack growth rate of natural rubber compounds
10:55-11:25Jan Weilert (Covestro, Leverkusen, GER)Fundamental aspects of reinforcement in elastomeric materials
11:30-12:00William Amoako Kyei-Manu (QMUL, London, UK)Effect of CB properties on heat build-up and energy dissipation in rubbers
12:00-13:00LUNCH BREAK
13:00-13:30Evghenii Harea (TBU, Zlin, CZ)Novel aspects of piezoresistive behavior of CB filled rubber under cyclic loading
13:35-14:05Franz Dammaß (TUD, Dresden, GER)Phase-field modeling of fracture in rubbery polymers
14:10-14:40Michal Drobilík (TBU, Zlin, CZ)Effect of carbon black and curing system on rubber-metal bonding behavior
14:40-14:50COFFEE BREAK
14:50-15:20Laura Neumann (IPF, Dresden, GER)On the architecture and mechanical properties of double network hydrogels
15:25-15:55Mokarram Hossain (ZCCE, Swansea, UK)A case study for soft materials under multiple loads: experiments & modeling
15:55-16:00Radek Stoček (TBU, Zlin, CZ), Eric Euchler (IPF, Dresden, GER)FAREWELL


GUMFERENCE Secretariat

Centre of polymer systems Tomas Bata University in Zlin tr. Tomase Bati 5678 76001, Zlin Czech republic Phone: +420 576 031 723

Responsible person: Ing. Ondřej Kratina, PhD For direct contact, send mail to: